Top Three Iconic Destinations in Bogota That Cannot Be Forgotten

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Bogota or Santa Fe de Bogota, one of the largest cities in Colombia and the capital of Cundinamarca. Bogota was originally founded as the capital of New Kingdom Granada on August 6, 1538, by Spanish conqueror-Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada after conquering Muisca. Bogota has been an important hub for trade and commerce, tourism, science, and research, etc. Today Bogota is the home to the largest number of universities and cultural centers, museums, and libraries. Some of the most popular attractions in Bogota are Gold Museum, Bolivar Square, Monserrate, MuseoBotero, Bogota Botanical Garden, National Capitol, Santa Clara Museum, etc.

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Narrow down your searches with the list we have prepared below:

Bogota Botanical Garden

Bogota Botanical Garden is the largest botanical garden in Bogota, an important recreation and Research Centre with a major emphasis on the Paramo ecosystem. This botanical garden was originally founded in 1955 to honor –Jose CelestinoMutis who was a botanist and an astronomer. The garden features waterfalls, labs for research, a sun clock, a palmetum, an orchid, and an incredible collection of Amazon flowers.

The God Museum

The museum of Gold in Bogota is one of the most unique and hotspot attractions in Bogota. The museum has a wide display of pre-Columbian gold and other metal alloys; it has the largest collection of gold artifacts in this planet. From pottery, wood, and textile objects, pottery all has been of sacred metals.


Monserrate is a mountain at the city Centre of Bogota that rises for 3152 m above sea level. This mountain is considered sacred by the Columbians, believed to be inhabited by the indigenous Muisca which is a pilgrim destination.

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