Five Backpackers Hostel in Kingston that will not Burn a Hole in Your Pocket

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Kingston is one of the largest cities of Jamaica located in the southeast region. It is an English speaking city and is a city bounded by incredible communities, incr3edible food culture, and planet of tourist attractions. Finding a cheap hostel to stay is never a struggle in Kingston because the streets have been sprinkled with a dozen of them keeping in mind visitors’ requirements. These hostels are affordable, charming, welcoming locals and designed to keep their visitors feel at home while they are a thousand miles apart. Some of the most popular hostels are Backpackers Hostel, Kingsworth Hostel, Ragamuffin Hostel, and Coffee Bar, Labrish, Belleh 23, Bluemounatin Cottages, Dancehall hostel, Widcombe House, 4teen Bistro& Pub, Almost Heaven Hostel, etc.

Narrow down for one of your favorite hostels with the list we have prepared below

Ragamuffin Hostel and Coffee Bar

Ragamuffin Hostel and Coffee Bar are located 4.5 kilometers away from the National Heroes Park, Kingston.  From free Wi-Fi, a shared kitchen, a garden, lounge area, free parking slot, a bar to guestrooms this hostel is notable for having all the facilities available at a reasonable price. The hostel neighborhood is located just a few minutes away from Bob Marley Museum, Devon House and it make a perfect choice for those travelers looking for some entertainment and great food during their business trip.

Backpackers Hostel

Backpackers Hostel is located 15 minutes away from the Hermitage Dam and 30 minutes away from the Stony Hill the Airport. This hostel is located within the vicinity of iconic landmarks in Kingston with free parking lots, free lockers, and other basic facilities.

Dancehall Hostel

Dancehall Hostel is one of the coolest hostels in Kingston tucked away at the corner of the street along with Jackson Town, Kingston 19. Dancehall Hostel is a perfect choice for those travelers seeking for plenty of shopping opportunities around, a place where they can have an authentic local experience. This neighborhood is one of the best places to experience the Jamaican food culture, from friendly locals to dance lessons, a 15-minute self-guided tour is a must when you are staying at this hostel. Facilities include bunk beds, common room, kitchen, private room, studio, heated showers, laundry, and free storage lockers.

Belleh23 Kinston Creative Guesthouse

Belleh23 Kinston Creative Guesthouse is located 5.1km away from the National Heroes Park, Kingston.  This guesthouse consists of a private parking area, a beautiful terrace, a green garden, shared kitchen facilities, a closet, and many more. Belleh23 is mostly popular amongst youngsters, musicians, artists, filmmakers and is one of the best places to meet and greet new friends. Within a five minutes’ walk, one can find supermarkets, banks, ATMs, popular bars, and restaurants.

Kingsworth Bed and Breakfast

Kingsworth Bed and Breakfast is perfect for those travelers looking for an economical stay at the heart of the city. This hostel is located at Jack Hills Road, Kingston, 8km away from Bob Marley museum. Facilities include free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TV’s, colorful rooms, continental breakfast, parking, shared kitchen, and a private terrace.

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Complete Solo Travelers Guide to Washington for the First Time

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Washington is the 18th largest state and the 13th most populated. It can be quiet challenging to find yourself a proper spot if you are planning to travel alone and that too for the first time. Washington is huge and there’s no reason not to get lost without proper guidance. Discover here a complete guide on how to travel like a pro in Washington even if you there for the first time.

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Here is a complete Solo Travellers Guide to Washington for the first time:

Where to Stay?

For beginners, you can always stick to Seattle, the second-largest city in Washington. It is culturally a rich city and you will never get bored spending your holidays here. Seattle has also some of the most affordable homestays and hotels housed in prime locations. Some of them are easily accessible on foot and makes it convenient to visit plenty of tourist attractions. From Airbnb to small hostels, Seattle has it all.

What to see?

Washington is a living history with plenty of museums and iconic landmarks. There is plenty of must-see attraction some of the most popular one being Seattle’s Discovery Park, Space Needle, Kerry Park, Smith Tower Observatory Deck, Sky view Observatory. If you are more into the off-road adventures then you can hike along the Cascade Mountains, kayak along the shores of the Pacific Northwest, go on a ferry ride for Whidbey Island.

Where to eat?

Seattle is home to several popular restaurants most of them are situated right at the heart of the city. Delicious food is everywhere and if you are looking for the best places to reel on then you can visit Pike Place Market for some classic French restaurant. You can also make your way for the waterfront of Alki beach since there are plenty of restaurants around this region.

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Incredible landmarks in Melbourne that makes it very special

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Melbourne is a metropolitan city and the capital city of Victoria. The city has undergone major changes during the late 1880s and today it has emerged to be one of the wealthiest and the largest cities in the world. Tourism is a booming activity in Melbourne as it is home to Australia’s best known iconic landmark like the National Gallery of Victoria, the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Federation Square, and many more. In Fact, Melbourne has consistently ranked as one of the most livable cities in the world.

Narrow down your searches with the list of tourist attractions we have listed for you:

Royal Botanic Gardens

Royal Botanic Garden is a botanic garden in Victoria founded in 1846. It is located in the southern region of the Yarra River and extends for 38 acres. The botanic garden is home to around 50,000 plants of 8,500 different species of trees and plants. The garden exhibits both native and nonnative vegetation some of which were known to be traded during the mid-19th century between European botanists. The point of interest here includes the Eastern Lawn, the rooftop restaurant, Oak Lawn, Herb Garden, Fern gully, etc.

Queen Victoria Market

Queen Victoria Market is an important landmark in Melbourne. It is one of the largest open markets and the most intact market that dates back to the 19th century. Around 1960 the surrounding areas along with the market were demolished, however, it has survived the ravages of time and today it is considered a Victorian Heritage. Today it is a major tourist attraction along with it being a working market place. The market remains open every day except on Monday and Wednesday. The market consists of lively bars, grocery shops, meat shops, poultry, and many more.

National Gallery of Victoria

The National Gallery of Victoria or the NGV is an art museum originally founded in 1861. It is the largest, oldest, and one of the most visited museums in Australia. The museum exhibits encyclopedic art and collections from different regions.

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