Most Beautiful Well Kept Reserves in Belgium

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Belgium is a natural paradise since it has a very good concentration of wild reserves and sanctuaries where you can have the wildest adventure ever. Some of the most popular reserves in Belgium are Pines and Lakes, Eifel Nature Park, Bird airport ‘tZwin, Sonian Forest, etc. These reserves are very well preserved and some of the best places to enjoy bird-watching, swimming, kayaking, fishing, rock climbing, picnicking, hiking, and animal spotting.

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Here are some of the most popular nature reserves in Belgium:

Pines and Lakes

Pines and Lakes are located at the HogeKempen terrain. It spreads for over 5700 hectares and is dominated by extensive pine forests, large lakes, panoramic sceneries, and amazing hilltops.  This region was once a large swath of coal mining land, today it is one of the most popular hike areas for hikers and adventurer seekers. From walkable paths, swimming areas, mountain biking to absolute wilderness there are six gateways to choose from here.

Eifel Nature Park

This park usually remains under the radar for most travelers and is known only;y to a handful of people.  It is one of the most remote nature reserves and boasts about its elusive wilderness. The reserve is home to an interesting mix of flora and fauna ranging from wild boars, black grouse, deers, wildcats, lynx, and many more.

Bird airport ‘tZwin

Bird airport ‘tZwin is a popular bird-watching spot an essential spot for nature lovers. It is considered as an international bird airport because thousands of migratory bird species use this region as a rest stop before migrating to any other region. The salt marshes and plains, the mudflats create a unique biotope for different kinds of species.

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