Most of the Interesting Facts about Oakland No One Will Tell You

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Here are some interesting facts about Oakland you should know:

  1. Oakland is one of the largest cities in Alameda County in California, United States. It is the largest in the East Bay region and the 8th most populated in California and the 45th in all of the United States.
  2. Port of Oakland is considered one of the busiest ports in North California and the 5th busiest in all of the United States.
  3. The city was incorporated on March 25 1854 although the incorporation was passed on May 4, 1852.
  4. Oakland was initially a mosaic of California coastal terrace prairie, north coastal scrub, and oak woodland. It was a rich source for hillside oak and redwood timber that was used to build San Francisco.
  5. Oakland was selected as the Western terminal of the-Transcontinental Railroad in the late 1860s.
  6. During the late 20th century Oakland saw a booming growth in the economy mainly in the shipyard industry and automobile manufacturing industry.
  7. The Huchiun natives were the earliest known inhabitants around this region who lived for more than 1000 years. They were a linguistic grouping who later called themselves-Ohlone.
  8. Oakland experiences a warm-summer Mediterranean type of climate where summers are dry, warm while winters are mild and wet.
  9. More than 2.5 million tourists visit Oakland and have recently gained recognition as a popular travel destination.
  10. Oakland ranked at number one in 2013 as Americas Most Exciting Cities owing to its strong network of movie theatres, museums, and tourist attractions.

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Top Three Fishing Spots Not To Miss Out in Alaska

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Alaska although most of its regions remain untouched, is home to some of the best fishing destinations. Some of the most popular fishing sites in Alaska include Homer,  Bristol, Kodiak Island Archipelago, Ketchikan, Kvichak River, etc.

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Narrow down your searches with the list of fishing sites we have made for you:


For saltwater fishing, Homer might be the best option for you. You can wrestle atrophy of saltwater fishes along the open waters of Homer. From rockfish, salmon, Dolly Vardens, Halibut the cost of Homer can provide you with a great fishing experience unlike anywhere else. Most of the catches weigh around 20-30 pounds.


Bristol Bay is home to the biggest salmon in the world. There are wide varieties of salmon in this region especially during the summer months from June to July. Fish species include red sockeye salmon,  king salmon, chum salmon, silver coho,  pink humpback salmon, etc. Bristol Bay forms part of Berning Sea bordered by Russia and the Kamchatka Peninsula and in the east by Alaska.

Kodiak Island Archipelago

Kodiak Island Archipelago is a 177-mile long gigantic island in Kodiak. This island offers amazing remote fishing experiences in all of Alaska. Although the streams and bays are much smaller than their counterparts you can get access to some of the best salmons, halibut in Alaska.

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Two Most Unmissable Museums in Paris

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Paris, the city of lights is more then what meets the eye, the charming city has endless possibilities of making everyone’s dream a reality. Interestingly it is also home to some of the best museums in the world, beneath the sophisticated culture and dazzling city lights lies much more things that you have heard before. If you are a history lover and wants to know more about Paris, then the museums are the best place to kick start you’re your quest for some history. Some of the most popular museums in Paris include the Louvre Museum, Musee d Orsay, Rodin Museum, Paris Muse of Modern Art, and the list rolls on.

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Here are some of the most unmissable museums in Paris:

Louvre Museum

Louvre Museum is the largest historic art museum in the world located along with the Right Bank of Seine, Paris, France. More than 38,000 prehistoric objects are on display over an area of 72,735 sq meters. Louvre Museum was built in the late 12th century by Philip II and the remnants of the basement are still visible today. The museum was first opened in 1793 with more than 537 paintings, today it has various artworks like the Islamic Art, Egyptian Antiquities, Paintings and drawings from different part of the world.

Musee d Orsay

Musee d Orsay is another popular museum located in on the Left Bank of Seine, along the former Gare d’Orsay next to the Beaux Art railway. Musee d Orsay holds a wide collection from the 18th and 19th century ranging from paintings, furniture, photography, sculptures, etc. It includes artworks from renowned artists like Degas, Seurat, Gaugin, Van Gogh, and many more. This museum witnesses more than 3.6 million visitors annually.

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Visit At Incredible Attractions in Cuba and Make Your Trip Memorable

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Cuba is located in the northern Caribbean and Havana is its capital as well as the largest city. With 11 million inhabitants, Cuba is the second most populated region after Hispaniola. The earliest human settlement dates back from the 4th millennium BC while the Spanish colonization took place in the 15th century. There are plenty of facts to uncover about Cuba especially for those who wish to travel there sooner. Learn some amazing facts here so that you know what to expect and what not to on reaching there.

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Here are some interesting facts about Cuba:

  1. Cuba during the 15th century, it was under Spain during the Spanish-American War 1898.
  2. During the Cuban Missile crisis of 1962, a nuclear war nearly broke out owing to the contention between the Soviet Union and the United States.
  3. Cuba is amongst the few countries where Marxist Leninist Socialist states vanguard Communist party in the Constitution.
  4. Cuba is culturally a Latin American, a multiethnic country greatly drawing its influence from the aboriginal Taino and Ciboney people.
  5. Around 51% of the Cuban population is Mulatto, 37% white, 11% black, 1% Chinese, etc.
  6. Cuban is one of the key members of global organizations like the G77, the United Nations, the Non-Aligned Movement, ALBA and Organization of American States, and many more.
  7. Cuba ranks in the eight positions when it comes to high human development, national performance, and education.
  8. Some of the most popular tourist attraction in Cuba includes Malecon, Vinales Valley, National Capitol Building, Revolution Museum, Cayo Largo del Sur, Paseo del Prado, Plaza de la Cathedral and many more.

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Best Preserved Archaeological Sites in Cancun

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Cancun is located in southeast Mexico, Yucatan Peninsula along Mexican State of Quintana Roo. Cancun is a popular tourist attraction well known for its Caribbean coast resort, amazing sunset points, and incredible culture. Cancun holds plenty of untold mysteries, today it is home to some of the most spectacular buildings and archaeological sites that promise unforgettable adventures.

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Here are some of the best-preserved archaeological sites in Cancun:

Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza is an impressive archeological site is one of the most important ceremonial centers situated in Yucatan. It has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988, it is a major focal point in the Northern Maya Lowlands that dates back from 600-900AD. This site features several architectural styles, Central Mexican styles all of which throws light to the Mayan Culture and lifestyle. Chichen Itza is one of the largest Mayan cities and is one of the most visited sites in Mexico.

El Meco

El Meco is an ancient Mayan Ruins in the Quintana Roo, along the east side of the Yucatan Peninsula, Caribbean coast. El Meco stretches about 8 kilometers north of downtown Cancun-2.7 km on Carretera Puerto Juarez. The world El Meco has been derived from the owner of a coconut plantation and is an important hub for shipping for coastal navigation and inland lagoon navigation.

Ek Balam

Ek Balam although remains under the radar for most of the travelers, is one of the best archaeological sites with beautiful paintings and sculptures from the Mayan civilization. It is the biggest construction and the best-preserved buildings in La Acropolis that is 146 m high and is home to the tomb called-  Ukit Kan Le’k Tok.

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Amazing Facts about Liberia You Have Not Heard Before

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Liberia is the largest capital city of Costa Rica and is a major tourist destination. Liberia is often called la Ciudad Blanca owing to the white gravel that was once used to make the city roads and also the whitewashed buildings that make up the city. Uncover more interesting facts about this beautiful city especially if you have been planning for a trip here sooner. There are plenty of facts which may help you to get acquainted with the local culture and help you to get around easily.

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Here are some interesting facts about Liberia:

  1. Liberia was founded as a hermitage in September 1769 without any legal or formal act. The hermitage served as a resting place for travelers and was dominated by large Guanacaste trees and livestock.
  2. Liberia is home to 50,000 inhabitants, It is the regional hub and a trading center of northwest Costa Rica. This region features several churches, plazas, and beautiful attractions.
  3. Museo de Guanacaste is located at the heart of Liberia, it symbolized the civility of the Costa Rican society and also the embodiment of military rule.
  4. Liberia is home to a popular attraction to the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano National Park in the northeast of Liberia. It is a volcanic hot spring with many bubbling clay spots, rivers, geysers, striking waterfalls, and amazing hiking trails.
  5. Some of the most popular tourist attractions include SAPO National Museum, the National Museum of Liberia, Cape Palmas, Waterside Market, Mount Wuteve, Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve, Mount Richard Molad, etc.

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Top Three Iconic Destinations in Bogota That Cannot Be Forgotten

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Bogota or Santa Fe de Bogota, one of the largest cities in Colombia and the capital of Cundinamarca. Bogota was originally founded as the capital of New Kingdom Granada on August 6, 1538, by Spanish conqueror-Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada after conquering Muisca. Bogota has been an important hub for trade and commerce, tourism, science, and research, etc. Today Bogota is the home to the largest number of universities and cultural centers, museums, and libraries. Some of the most popular attractions in Bogota are Gold Museum, Bolivar Square, Monserrate, MuseoBotero, Bogota Botanical Garden, National Capitol, Santa Clara Museum, etc.

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Narrow down your searches with the list we have prepared below:

Bogota Botanical Garden

Bogota Botanical Garden is the largest botanical garden in Bogota, an important recreation and Research Centre with a major emphasis on the Paramo ecosystem. This botanical garden was originally founded in 1955 to honor –Jose CelestinoMutis who was a botanist and an astronomer. The garden features waterfalls, labs for research, a sun clock, a palmetum, an orchid, and an incredible collection of Amazon flowers.

The God Museum

The museum of Gold in Bogota is one of the most unique and hotspot attractions in Bogota. The museum has a wide display of pre-Columbian gold and other metal alloys; it has the largest collection of gold artifacts in this planet. From pottery, wood, and textile objects, pottery all has been of sacred metals.


Monserrate is a mountain at the city Centre of Bogota that rises for 3152 m above sea level. This mountain is considered sacred by the Columbians, believed to be inhabited by the indigenous Muisca which is a pilgrim destination.

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Popular Attractions in Perth For Nature Lovers

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Perth is the largest capital city in West Australia. This metropolitan area has been named after Perth in Scotland and lies between the Indian Ocean and the Darling Scarp. Perth was first founded by Captain James Stirling in 1829 and the city gained its status in 1856. The city draws its inspiration from Sir George Murray who was a former member of the Parliament for Perthshire. Perth, although remains under the radar on most travelers list, is home to endless attractions ranging from Kings Park, Perth Zoo, Penguin Island,

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Here are some of the most popular tourist attractions in Perth:

Kings Park

Kings Park is located in the central business district of Perth. It is a 400-acre park that features an interesting mix of grassed areas, botanical gardens, bushland, and panoramic views. The Park is also home to the Swan River and the Darling Range which has unique plant species around 324 native plants, 215 indigenous and 80 different bird species.

Perth Zoo

Perth Zoo is located on the south of Perth, a 41-acre zoo that first opened in 1898. The zoo is home to more than1258 animal species along with an extensive botanical-collection. It is an institutional member of the World Association of Zoos and Aquarium.

Penguin Island

Penguin Island is located off the coast on the west of Australia. This 31-acre island stretches from Shoal water approximately 660 meters and it is home to a colony of 1200 penguins probably one of the largest in Western Australia in the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park.

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Unmissable Spots for Experiencing History in the United States

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The US is a melting pot, a host of historical places, landmarks that take you back time. Some of the most unmissable spots for experiencing history in the United States include Brooklyn Bridge, French quarter, Springwood, Gettysburg, Saga More Hill, Alcatraz Island, Independence Hall, US Capitol, and the National Hall, Twain House, Yosemite, Historic Jamestowne and many more.

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Here are unmissable spots for experiencing history in the United States:

Gettysburg National Military Park

Gettysburg National Military Park is jam-packed with more than 1328 monuments, memorials all of which reflect about the American Civil War. The Battle of Gettysburg has marked a turning point in American history and caused more than 51000 casualties and victories.

Independence Hall

Independence Hall, Philadelphia is one of the most popular and important and landmarks in the US. It is the original site where the nation was declared Independent from Great Britain on July 4, 1776. This site includes other historic attractions like the Congress Hall, Liberty Bell Centre, etc.

Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Island is one of the most isolated regions in the US, once a notoriously harsh-prison located on the coast of San Francisco. It has been nicknamed as the rock and is managed by the National Park service.

Martin Luther King JR National Site

Martin Luther King JR National Site is located in Atlanta, Georgia. This site has been built to commemorate the life of the African American civil rights movement and about Martin Luther.  The site includes exhibits about Mr. Kings Crypt, his birthplace; it also exhibits about Mahatma Gandhi.

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Most Beautiful Well Kept Reserves in Belgium

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Belgium is a natural paradise since it has a very good concentration of wild reserves and sanctuaries where you can have the wildest adventure ever. Some of the most popular reserves in Belgium are Pines and Lakes, Eifel Nature Park, Bird airport ‘tZwin, Sonian Forest, etc. These reserves are very well preserved and some of the best places to enjoy bird-watching, swimming, kayaking, fishing, rock climbing, picnicking, hiking, and animal spotting.

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Here are some of the most popular nature reserves in Belgium:

Pines and Lakes

Pines and Lakes are located at the HogeKempen terrain. It spreads for over 5700 hectares and is dominated by extensive pine forests, large lakes, panoramic sceneries, and amazing hilltops.  This region was once a large swath of coal mining land, today it is one of the most popular hike areas for hikers and adventurer seekers. From walkable paths, swimming areas, mountain biking to absolute wilderness there are six gateways to choose from here.

Eifel Nature Park

This park usually remains under the radar for most travelers and is known only;y to a handful of people.  It is one of the most remote nature reserves and boasts about its elusive wilderness. The reserve is home to an interesting mix of flora and fauna ranging from wild boars, black grouse, deers, wildcats, lynx, and many more.

Bird airport ‘tZwin

Bird airport ‘tZwin is a popular bird-watching spot an essential spot for nature lovers. It is considered as an international bird airport because thousands of migratory bird species use this region as a rest stop before migrating to any other region. The salt marshes and plains, the mudflats create a unique biotope for different kinds of species.

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